Frequently Asked Questions

Why nano silver tourmaline ceramic?
It unites micro particles of tourmaline ceramic and silver for a unique combination of technologies that emit frizz-reducing natural ions and creates healthy-looking hair.
Where do I find the model number of my appliance?
Most appliances have their model number in the 'mold imprint' on the handle. Look for a rectangular imprint in the plastic and find the model number (usually preceded by the word 'Model...'). If the model number cannot be located on the appliance, please call 1-800-326-6247 customer service center for more information.
Where can I buy accessories and replacement parts?
There are retailers that carry accessories and replacement parts for our units, or you may check the availability on our online store You can also purchase them directly from our service centers at 1-800-326-6247.
Where are your service centers located?
Please send correspondence on Infiniti by Conair™ products to the below service center.
Service Center
Conair Corporation
Service Department
7475 N. Glen Harbor Blvd
Glendale, AZ 85307
What kind of diffuser can I use with my dryer?
If your dryer originally came with a diffuser, call 1-800-326-6247 to buy a replacement. If your dryer did not come with a diffuser, you may be able to use a universal diffuser. This diffuser is not recommended if the barrel of your dryer has a conical shape (barrel diameter at tip of barrel is significantly smaller than the diameter at the end of the barrel).
What is tourmaline ceramic?
Crushed Tourmaline jewels emit the highest concentration of ions and also generate far-infrared heat. The additional ions seal the hair cuticle, resulting in shiny, healthy hair.
What is the warranty on Infiniti by Conair™ products?
Warranties vary. The instruction booklet that came with your appliance lists the warranty that applies to your unit. Call our service center at 1-800-326-6247 with your model number and one of our service representatives will be able to give you the information you need and in many cases will be able to send you a new instruction booklet if you need one.
What is ionic technology?
An electronic ionizer generates negative ions, which neutralize positive ions in the atmosphere. The neutralization process seals the hair cuticle, reducing frizziness and leaving the hair shiny.
What is ceramic heat?
The addition of a ceramic disk in the hair dryer barrel generates far-infrared heat. Far-infrared heat penetrates the hair follicle, drying it from the inside out. This provides a faster, more gentle and efficient drying process. Ceramic heat helps to minimize heat damage and leaves hair smooth and manageable.
What is an AC motor?
An AC motor is a high performance motor designed for hair stylists and salon use. An AC motor can provide 3 times life vs. a standard DC motor. This professional motor is heavier and more durable and provides powerful air velocity for faster drying. The heater shuts off when the cold shot is used delivering a true cold blast of air. Professional AC motor dryers are quieter in operation.
What is a multi-setting hair dryer?
It's all about the handle! Consumer focus groups tell us that settings and styling control are primary criteria in the hair dryer purchase decision. Most dryers have 6 settings; Conair's multi-setting dryers have up to 15 settings. This provides maximum styling control.
What is a high torque DC motor?
This motor is designed to have the power of a professional AC motor without the weight. This powerful motor provides an air velocity up to 56 mph, equivalent to that of an AC motor dryer. The additional power helps to dry hair faster.
Please explain the safety plug and how it functions.
Conair® manufactures its hairdryers with two different kinds of safety plugs. The ALCI is known as an Appliance Leakage Current Interrupter. This unit has the "Reset" button and the "Test" button. The circuit is looking for leakage of current between the two conductors. This unit sometimes trips when lights are turned on and off, when the dryer is plugged in, or when a new dryer is taken out of the box and plugged in by the consumer who doesn't know how to operate the RESET feature. An IDCI refers to Immersion Detector Current Interrupter. This unit trips only when the dryer has been immersed in water. The dryer should never be used again after immersion because of the potential dangers a water-damaged unit presents to consumers. That is why this unit trips once and is not resettable -- because it shouldn't be used again! Both safety plugs look a little different but they provide the same function - they protect the consumer from electric shock.
My appliance is not dual voltage. Can I still use it abroad?
If your appliance is not dual voltage and is not a curling iron, you will need a voltage converter and possibly an adapter to fit the foreign electric wall outlet. Small converters to be used for travel are usually available from travel catalogs and stores as well as in some airport shops. Conair also carries a travel accessories line which you may be interested in buying. You may want to check with your hotel abroad to see if they provide any amenities such as hairdryers, in your room.
My appliance is no longer under warranty. Can I still get it repaired?
We do not repair. If you have a problem with your unit while it is under warranty, please send it to our service centers. We will replace your unit free of charge.
If my hairdryer has a Hi/Low switch, how do I get 2 heat levels and 2 speeds?
When there is one Hi/Lo switch, the heat becomes a function of the speed. At the high speed, the wattage is the highest as is the airflow. The low setting reduces the wattage and heat and produces gentler air.
I saw a Conair® product advertised but can't find it in my store. How do I get it?
There are a number of online retailers that carry Conair® products. Check our 'Where to Buy' page for links to online retailers such as or or go to Conair® Online store: If you need more information about the product before you buy, check our product information pages in the appropriate section.
How does the "Cool Shot" work?
By pressing the button on the hairdryer designated "Cool Shot", the heater is turned off. The air speed stays the same, but the temperature is cool to lock the style in place.
How do I reset the dryer?
If it has a reset button, press "Test" on outlet and press the reset button. If this does not work, please call us at 1-800-326-6247 ext. 600, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm EST or return the dryer per instructions in the warranty.
How do I contact Conair® customer service?
You can call us toll-free at 1-800-3CONAIR (1-800-326-6247) for questions about Infiniti by Conair products. You can also send us an email to
How can I prolong the life of my hairdryer?
Maintenance of a hairdryer is not only essential to prolonging the life of the product, but it also can help prevent hazardous conditions. Most Conair® dryers today are manufactured with detachable filters, which allow the consumer to clean out lint and debris that collects in the hairdryer. If the dryer is neglected, lint can accumulate in the handle of the dryer, as well as cause the dryer to overheat. The consumer should also be careful not to wrap the line cord around the dryer. Doing this repeatedly can increase the chance of a cord rupture, which may produce sparking.
Can I use my curling iron abroad?
You do not need a voltage converter to use your curling iron abroad. However, you may need an adapter to make sure your curling iron plug fits in the foreign wall outlet. These adapters may be purchased at airports, luggage and travel stores. Many hotels are providing adapters to guests upon request (check with the concierge at your hotel). Conair also carries a travel accessories line which includes adapters.